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Chinese yuan (Renminbi) to Russian ruble

Tuesday, April 7, 2020
1 Chinese yuan (Renminbi) = 10.69 Russian rubles
Calculator from Chinese yuan (Renminbi) to Russian ruble -
Renminbi CNY
Russian rubles RUB
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From Renminbi (CNY) to Russian rubles (RUB)
1 Renminbi10.69 Russian rubles
5 Renminbi53.44 Russian rubles
10 Renminbi106.89 Russian rubles
50 Renminbi534.44 Russian rubles
100 Renminbi1,068.88 Russian rubles
500 Renminbi5,344.41 Russian rubles
1,000 Renminbi10,689 Russian rubles
5,000 Renminbi53,444 Russian rubles
10,000 Renminbi106,888 Russian rubles
50,000 Renminbi534,441 Russian rubles
From Russian rubles (RUB) to Renminbi (CNY)
1 Russian rubles0.09 Renminbi
5 Russian rubles0.47 Renminbi
10 Russian rubles0.94 Renminbi
50 Russian rubles4.68 Renminbi
100 Russian rubles9.36 Renminbi
500 Russian rubles46.78 Renminbi
1,000 Russian rubles93.56 Renminbi
5,000 Russian rubles467.78 Renminbi
10,000 Russian rubles935.56 Renminbi
50,000 Russian rubles4,677.78 Renminbi